- life is what you make it -

The feeling: Have you ever thought about how life looked like, if only love and tolerance would have more space in our daily lives? There is plenty of loneliness, hate and anger in the world. But there are these moments, when the beauty of life stands above everything else. Times when you feel all the grace of the world - together with people you love, or just for your own - in a moment of pure silence. Wouldn’t it be great to capture these moments with just one simple thought - one word, not too small, not too big, not to meaningful - just a little reminder of what really matters: lovemore - life is what you make it.


The concept: The idea of lovemore is to open a community driven frame for the good things in life. Laughing, dancing, hanging out with friends, love and being loved is more important than anything else. Lovemore is not about ignoring that there are quite some things wrong in the world, it’s more a little reminder to do something against it in our daily life. Kindness and gratefulness will grow when we allow them to develop in our everyday movements.


The status quo: The TM Lovemore consists so far of a monthly clubbing in Vienna (a club soiree starting early at 7pm until 2am in one of the most central places of the city, the Club U at Karlsplatz), a female fragrance for teens and youngsters and starting by summer 2018 a casual-fashion label for her and him, starting with basics in the middle-price-segment and a Blog/Vlog.


The rational things:  Mel Merio, founder of Lovemore is by herself is mastermind and community-builder behind the lovemore idea, spreading her thoughts and designs to the lovemore community via social media (facebook, Instagram…) and by summer 2018 also via a blog of hers, where customers, guests and friends can interact (quite) freely and influence for example clubbing-settings, fashion-design and involve themselves with new ideas. Overall the so called “lovemore revolution” (which is the creation of good feelings via lifestyle products combined with clubbings and feel-good-events) has the potential to set up a new trend of fashion and lifestyle campaigning. As we are all at the beginning of this, we strongly appreciate the involvement of strategic partners from both, the event and fashion industry.